I Met Myself

where are you, friends?
where are you, friends?

I am a Golden Retriever.

Great in making friends. They look for security and can be very sensitive. They are very caring and have deep relationships, but only few close friends. A golden retriever wants to be loved by everyone. They look for appreciation and works best in a limited situation with a steady work pattern. They tend to be jealous at times.Β Their friends typically will call them pleasant, enjoyable to be around, inoffensive, good listeners, compassionate and concerned. A Golden Retriever usually likes to watch people and utilize their dry sense of humor.

Calm, dependable, loyal, good-natured, easy to get along with…just like the dog breed. These individuals are patient, well-balanced, consistent, quiet but witty, sympathetic, and kind. When it comes to emotions, they typically keep everything hidden.

Emotionally, the Golden Retriever/Phlegmatic is a bit selfish and unenthusiastic. They may be overly fearful or worried and usually are indecisive. They will avoid conflict at whatever cost–personal or professional. They find it difficult to express their emotions and can be too soft on other people.

We took this test during the PKC Team Building along with other PKC volunteers. It is very enlightening and it confirms the behavior I possess. Indeed, most, if not all, of the mentioned personalities above describes who I am!

I do try to be at peace with everyone. I worry a lot when someone is mad at me. So I try not to stir up anger and tend to be so careful on what I do and say as to not offend anyone. I don’t take sides. I try to be objective and see the situation in different angles. You can confide anything to me.

Oh, I really do have few close friends.. and I develop deep relationships with them. I tend to be loyal and try to please them in anyway. If they like to be with me, I’ll drop the schedules I set with “not so close” friends and go rush to them, wherever they are.

I can’t really express my emotions and can’t confront anyone. If I do, I’ll rehearse it over to myself for ten years. Then right after, I would think that I said something wrong and wished that I didn’t confront the person in the first place.

Taking this test introduced me to who I am. It helped me accept myself and opened my mind about the questions I had.

I got this feeling of hating myself for being so loyal and engaging in a deep relationship with a girl friend or any close friend in this matter. Anyway, I only got a few. I hate it because I end up wounded if my expectations are not met. It makes me so vulnerable. I felt ignored, rejected and alone if they are not with me or if they didn’t keep me in the loop of their life.

I realized that God made me this way. I am loyal and it is a good thing. I can reach out to people in a more intimate way. I can touch lives, though not many but has substance. It is deep and of higher value.

I also felt that I should, above all, apply this personality to God–to be loyal to Him, to develop a deep relationship with Him, to be vulnerable with Him. I should also allow Him to heal me at the deepest pains I have.Β  I should allow Him to be at my side and not feel rejected, alone nor ignored. I should allow Him to set me free. I should allow Him to teach me how to welcome confrontation and even cause one – in a right way – without guilt. It felt like Him telling me that I should not be afraid of who I am because He purposely made me that way.

I fully appreciate myself and accepted God’s design for me because of this activity.

Thanks to my newly found family. πŸ™‚

Photo credit:Β http://www.andyanguyen.com/blog/2012/8/cutest-maltese


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