Believing No More


“Di ako magsasawa sayo..”

Somebody told that to me years ago. It turned out..nagsawa rin naman siya sakin eventually.

That statement is supposed to be sweet and mushy. It shows loyalty and commitment. It brings security and sense of stability. It is always nice to hear that from somebody. It makes you feel special, protected and loved.

But I refuse to hold on to that statement anymore. I refuse to depend too much on a promise that can be broken. Change is inevitable. What a person says today can definitely change tomorrow. Believing in that statement will leave me to nothing tomorrow. I can never guarantee that a person will never change. No matter how close I think we are. No matter how long we’ve known each other.

Not that I am afraid to be vulnerable by not believing in that promise. I just don’t want to take it against them if they failed to fulfill that promise. I know that pain could not be discounted but at least it will not be so hard to accept and move on.

I choose to trust God that He will work things out for my good as I love Him and as I work according to His purpose. If people failed me (or at least I think they did), I can look up to Him and ask for strength to go through the pain.


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