Detective G

2013-02-01 11.21.43

I don’t observe people. I don’t stare at them like a freak as I find it rude when people is staring at me–like they’re freaks. I don’t care whatever happens around me. I don’t look around and check if somebody is following me. I’m kind of secured that nothing bad will happen and give everyone the benefit of a doubt, like all of them are harmless (that explains why I have been pick-pocketed like a dozen million times). I don’t look around, skeptic with everyone I meet. I don’t discriminate people just because they’re not presentable as I am. When you bump me, I’ll just shrug off and Β let it go. Okay, sometimes, I frown.

I usually imagine that somebody stares at me and follows me wherever I go, more like a stalker. But it just stays that way–imagination. I didn’t believe that it could be a reality. I can’t imagine someone doing that to me.Β I mind my own business and kind of expect that people are also busy minding their own.Β So hearing that someone actually followed me is kind of creepy. I’ll call that creepy someone: Detective G (DG).

So now, I’ll try to be more aware of people around me. People, guys! Like you, if you consider yourself one (because I sometimes think I’m an alien)! I’ll be sneaky and try to check if you are staring at me from afar. I know, it will take a lot of practice, patience, and persistence. Because most of the time, I just want to write down all my thoughts than try to think what people are thinking and stare at them, like a freak. Hmm.. I guess I need more tips and practice session from DG. So beware, people! πŸ˜€


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