Interesting People Turned Friends

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Overnight bonding* with PKC volunteers.

Its time to make friends!

We chatted overnight for anything under the sun: God’s goodness, God’s provision, His love, His faithfulness, His work in the hearts of young children, etc.

Rex. Taekwondo black-belter. I truly admire him! Gusto ko magpaturo ng taekwondo sa kanya. Kaso hindi naset kung kelan. I guess everyone’s interested to learn but not ready to commit time. He also knew the weak points of the human body. He talked things like solar flux, carotid punch and even breaking your nose. I definitely don’t want to be around him when he’s mad. Lol! He can visualize a place though he hadn’t been there anyway. That’s a pretty cool thing. He can also play guitar. I can say that he’s good at it. He told us that it is through music that God spoke to him. It’s amazing how God uses different ways in reaching out His people.

Muchi. Chinky-eyed and jolly. Always has a story to tell that lifts all the glory to God: how sweet God is; how faithful He is; how God orchestrated her life and put her in Payatas to minister with the kids. She also shared a prophecy once cast on her last January 2012: “she’ll be a father to the fatherless.” True enough, she is a core volunteer of Payatas.. who ministers to the kids mostly, if not all, hungry for the love of their parents. She handles youth VGΒ whose fathers were either physically or emotionally distant. She is grateful on how God gives her favor from the parents of these little children. She also became aware of the responsibility and accountability she has for leading the kids.

Marian. Bubbly yet graceful. Everyone calls her Doc Marian. Her passion is medicine. She is amusing and pretty. She loves to connect with people. Her enthusiasm and bubbly attitude is contagious. It seems like the room lightens up because of her. She loves his dad and brags about how he cooks soup for her when she’s studying overnight. She also appreciates every little thing you do to her.. And she does that with a tiny yet glowing smile with matching little girl’s voice in a husky mode. You do imagine how she looks and sounds, right?!

Ian. Poker-face as they call him. He twists his face to look so funny. He’s not ashamed of how his face would look like when he twist it. It looks cute and connects instantly to kids and thinks-like-a-kid (kami yun!). He loves singing and his voice is glorious. He doesn’t share any personal stories. He just, sings.. lovingly.

Tatay Mon. He enjoys being with the gang–he treats us more like his children than fellow volunteers. He has a dry but very funny humor. He spent the night with us kahit antok na antok na siya, kasi minsan niya lang daw kami makakasama ng ganon, lalo na si Doc Marian, since she is studying. That’s too sweet. I never imagine my father spending the night with us like that. Tatay Mon is very fatherly. He cooked a delicious soup for us and we devour it like lion. Everyone loves him. He offers his house to us even though we are not related. He, actually, both of them, with Nanay Melu, treated us more like their own kids.

Matapos pataubin ang super sarap na sopas na luto ng isa sa pinakagwapo naming Tatay, dinalaw na rin kami ng pagod at antok so we decided to rest.

As I lay my head on the bed, a smile never left my face. I am so happy to be a part of this family. God really has its own way of making things happen..and bringing me overwhelming joy.

We indeed found a loving family in PKC.

*Actually happened 4 months ago. Late post, I know. πŸ˜€

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