How You Made Me Feel Special

She made a fantastic slideshow. It was such a sweet gesture of love. It made me smile the whole time.

He surprised me with a cake. It was sooo sweeet, I can’t breathe. It was definitely the most stunning and sweetest cake in town.
Stunning Cake!
Some gave digital birthday cards; others greeted with a big and long hug and smiles. I’m a hugger and I felt loved when they hug me back.
Others may have texted me but I wasn’t able to read their messages. Sorry guys, I don’t have a phone that time. Others could have forgotten but it’s ok because I tend to forgot theirs too. Haha!
They gave me what I asked for! Yey! Another trip to my Neverland will make my heart jump up and down as I choose what mind to peek into. Thanks to theΒ one of the best team I belong with.
She came over and gave me a gift. I really appreciate her making time and handing it over personally. I just regret I couldn’t be with her and the rest of the gang for the night.
She cooked the most delicious carbonara I have ever tasted. Plus, she baked a chocolate cake for me. How can I ever ask for more?? This girl is definitely one of the bestest buddy I have. But she’s dead tired of cooking and baking so she slept the whole night. She could have met my other friends as well. ;(
Because of the food my friend made, my mother invited some friends to come over. These two ladies declined: the one busy doing VG; the other is on her way home. A few minutes after the call, they were already outside singing with a lighted mocha cake. Busy, huh?!? I wanted to pray for them and lay my hands on their neck. Lol!
She was with us the whole night. She agreed to spend it with my friends and family despite a busy and tiring day. Such a well spent time definitely made my day. She gave me 4 letters meant to be read each day until my birthday.
Camera 360
They raised me. They love me. They provided for me. They always allow me to stay late at night and do not get tired of telling me to take care of myself. They are with me all through out; through thick and thin; through good times and bad. Sometimes they don’t have a choice. Sometimes they just love me for who I am.*
She’s my unsolicited critic: she’ll tell straight to my face if my fashion fits or fail. She influences the kind of make-up I wear and even brands I buy. She’s there waiting for me to greet me before going to office (or at least I thought).
2013-04-20 17.50.16
Finally, the only One I have an exclusive relationship with (and should have for now until I am ready for the one-I’ve-been-praying-for). He is with me all the time. He never leaves nor forsake me. He who always pursue me and want also to be pursued. He who is so gracious to bless me with so much love and abundance. He who is so full of mercy I could have rot in my sins but He saved me. He is so sweet to make this day so special. I have no plans for this day but through my family and friends He let me feel how special I am for Him. He is the creator of all things. He is the reason why I smile every time I look up at trees and wonder at His creation.
2013-03-04 12.26.42

*Photo Credit:Β


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