Travel, Talk, And What Struck Me Most

The aircon breeze was so cold I thought I’m at North Pole. My jacket is not enough to keep me warm. There’s a not so comfortable CR inside the bus; I need to make sure my pee will shoot at the bowl while our bus is hurling on the road and seems like over speeding. If my butt can speak, I think she’ll grumble how numb she feels and how she’s suffering from self-inflicted pain due to long period of sitting. Good thing our travel time took faster than usual: 9.5 hours against 12-hour normal travel time.


In the midst of what seems like misery are the joy and fun we had travelling together. We created deep and lasting memories no inconveniences could ever lessen.


We laughed at each others’ bloopers; call each other weird and sickening names; took more than 500 pictures–and laugh over random shots; created our own version of music videos and posted it real time at social networking sites; feasted at lots of food made with hospitality and love; was overwhelmed how this trip was made possible; and was in total awe of God and His creation.


But what really struck me was our ability to talk about pressing matters. We didn’t let the time pass without settling the matters over and agreeing on an action plan. We encouraged each other and pushed ourselves on doing what is pleasing to God.


Before leaving, two of us shared about the struggles they had and experiences they had gone through. Though the time was real short, it was enough to encourage each other in doing the right thing and see that there’s light even in what seems to be a dark moment of our life.


On the bus, my friend shared her struggles and how difficult life is. I can’t seem to give out a nice and neat advise, but who cares about advice? I just listened to her and tried to connect in a deeper level. I hope I made her feel how sincere and concerned I am.


Upon arriving in Manila, we talked over the struggles and pain; the hurts and grudges; the fears and consequences; the now and now what. Together, we processed the pain; we acknowledged the fear; we reason out; we fought the lies with truth; we dig in to the Word of God; and encouraged each other to apply the principles of God’s word. After all, what matters is doing and not only hearing (and merely knowing) His Word.


And we do this while having our breakfast..

Camera 360


..after breakfast…

 Camera 360


..and some choco mallows!

Camera 360


Well, walking along EDSA with overloaded backpack seems to validate why we have to eat more than one breakfast.


It’s all worth it.


Am blessed to have friends who would not only be there for fun and travel but would hold you accountable and push you live a holy and fun-filled life.



*Photo credit: djmuchi FB


As my friend said, the spaces on both sides are for my other friends who allows me to be part of their lives and pushes me to live a life of freedom, purity, and wackiness!


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