Good Samaritan

While on our way to a fast-food restaurant to eat, we saw a kid playing while his dad is cooking food for lunch.

JJ: Nakakaawa naman sila. Sa ilalim ng tulay nakatira. Diyan nagluluto. Diyan na rin natutulog. Ang hirap kaya niyan. (I can’t stand seeing them like that. They eat and sleep under that bridge. So heart-breaking.)

JP: Hmm.. E ano sa palagay mo ang pwede mong gawin? (What do you think can you do?)

JJ: Uhm.. Ewan ko. Idulog sila sa DSWD? Ano bang pwede kong gawin? E wala naman ako magagawa. (I don’t know. Consult with DSWD, I guess? What else can I do?)

JP: Why not? Go! ;p

The conversation was dropped that way.

Few minutes later while eating..

JJ: Samahan mo ko. Bili ko ng tinapay mamaya pagkatapos natin kumain. (Come with me. I’ll buy some bread after lunch.)

JP: Para saan? Di ka pa ba busog? (What for?! Isn’t this enough?)

JJ: Basta! (Just come!)

JP: Ok.

We went inside a bread shop and while choosing some bread..

JJ: Ano bang pwede? Tulungan mo ko. (What can I buy? Help me.)

JP: Para kanino ba? (Who are these for?)

JJ: Sa mga bata.. Mga 7-10 y/o. (For kids.. Around 7-10 y/o.)

JP: Ah.. Para dun sa bata kanina? (For that kid we saw a while ago?)

JJ: Pano mo nalaman? (How did you know?)

Instinct? I thought.


I didn’t expect that. When I saw how serious he was in giving something for them, I was amazed. I suggested to give the kid something what most kids want: chicken and spaghetti! He bought one for the kid and one for his father.

You don’t see people like that everyday. I’m glad I was able to experience it first hand. My heart was oozing with joy and gladness. I want to dance and tell him how he made my day!

He stepped over the thought of being down-casted in seeing their situation and made a gesture of love by doing something in his own little way.

He didn’t sit around and just thought-of-how-someday-he-could-help-those-kind-of-people but actually did something to reach out.

He responded to the need. He gave immediately.

I believe his generosity would be remembered by that kid when he grows up: that some stranger lend a hand and reached out; that some by-passer took time and expressed love; that there are still people who care; that there’s still hope.

Moreover, his generosity will be remembered by God, the Giver of all things. This person had sown seed in eternity. Surely, his reward is in heaven.

Mark 9:37 (NIV)

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”


4 thoughts on “Good Samaritan

  1. Indeed! Expressed love; Compassionate heart. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by Adrian. Have been looking for you in our centers to ask for an autograph, kahit wala ka pang book. Wait, can you write one? 🙂


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