When Loneliness and Depression Strikes..

2013-03-04 12.38.50It doesn’t last all day;
You don’t feel it all night.
But it knocks you off sometimes;
And it unexpectedly hits a nerve.

Is it because of your monthly period?
Does your emotions mix up with some hormones or something?
Or do you feel it in random moments with no particular trigger?

Who cares when it strikes?

It is somewhere inside;
Ready to strike when it gets a chance.
It makes you sensitive;
It hurts you deep to the core.

When you are hurt but step back and look
And realize that your sensitivity doesn’t seem logical and reasonable;
Does it invalidate all that hurt?
Does it make you all wrong and selfish for feeling such pain?

It shouts when you’re alone..
It accuses when you make mistakes..
It magnifies the pain when you have been offended..
It makes you sick with no one to turn to..
It pushes you to withdraw from relationship..
It shows you how dumb you are..
It puts you down.

Sometimes you just shrug it off;
You call a friend;
Or do something to keep yourself busy.

But it comes back like a child wanting attention;
It hits you anytime of the day.
It ruins your core;
It steals your joy.

What should you do?
How will you respond?
How far will it drag you?
How much pain will you accept?

Until you get back up and fight..
Until enough is enough..
Until you pick yourself up..
And fight the tendency to sink into it.

Yes you can fight back..
Fight back against yourself..
Against that feeling..
Against all hope.

You are not a victim;
You can take responsibility.
You don’t just shrug it off;
You have to make a choice.

Choose to fight..
Fight daily..
Every time it strikes..
Even if you don’t feel like fighting.


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