Sisters Not Just In Blood But Soul

Yes, you deserve a separate blog post.

For you have a special place in my heart.


You who stood by me when somebody else left;

You who let me cry my heart out until it bled;

You who listened to my woes without questioning why;

You who sobbed with me at the lowest point in time.

Friends like you are hard to find.

They’re gems in the ocean so rare in tide.

Friends for keeps and stood the test of time;

You’re one of those friends I truly mind.

From high school until single professional;

From youth until working congressional;

Sleepover from one city to another;

Pursuing our dreams to forever.

Although I think you’ve been more of a friend than I should have been;

Although I sometimes feel disconnected within;

Please keep in mind that whatever I can;

I’ll stand with you until the end.

And now this is your day

The time I am grateful to your parents and say

“Thanks for letting your child grow

For she’s like a sister not just in blood but soul.”

I love you my dear friend.

Happy birthday! 🙂


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