Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Isang taon na pala ang nakalipas mula nang makilala kita. Binati mo ako kaya di ko mapigilang kiligin sa mensahe mo. Sana sinamahan mo na rin ng chocolate at flowers para kinilig pa ko ng todo. Tayo na lang ang may anniversary. Salamat, baby. ;p


This is not my first blog. Not sure if this will be my last. But this has become my platform and have no plans of changing that, yet.

I started this blog to nurture my passion in writing. Though my subject and verb doesn’t agree all the time, I still write.. all my thoughts down… anything under the sun.. anything that pops into my mind that I can’t usually put into words. It is more like a therapy–free but not cheap.

Whenever I’m sad, I write. I put it down. I don’t filter my words. I let it flow until it no longer lingers in my mind.. until I’m free of all the burden it entails.

Whenever I’m overflowing with joy, I write. I make sure to capture the moment and make it as detailed and realistic as possible.

Whenever I realized something, I write. That’s my way of extracting the nuggets of truth.

Writing helps me organize my cluttered thoughts and realize what really matters. I love it when I can put the right and appropriate words, get to play with it, make it cheeeezzyy sometimes, or put some humor in it.. humor that only me can understand. Yeah, I’m weird.

I also love to read other blogs and am always amazed on the way they write. I remember the first time I surf other blogs and was literally shocked on how many blogs there are in the web. Like waaaaay soooo many! I followed some of them, or was it all of them? Haha. Well, their posts are worth reading. And I am in love with the content and their unique way of writing. I also remember the first time somebody followed my blog. Like, really? Some stranger dropped by and read my entry?? It’s nice to know that somebody appreciates and take time to read. Hello, fellow bloggers! 🙂

Thanks to technology. I need not finish a degree in journalism to call myself a writer. We can share ideas freely with just a tap on our devices or keyboard. But implied with this seemingly super power is the responsibility to act with ethics and professionalism. We cannot just throw curses and things that aim at somebody in the web, or at least I don’t, for it speaks more of who you are as a person and, well, it is almost impossible to delete permanently anything in the web, so you must really be very careful. Though I don’t filter my words whenever I’m sad and writing, I do filter what I publish.

I put up this blog to share ideas and realization in life. Though not consistent, I will try to keep up the good blogging, as what my dear WP told me. 🙂

Happy Anniversary to my baby, WP. Looking forward for more years with you. Cheers!


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