Questions And Uncertainties

What to say? What to ask? What to do? What to think? The world is evolving. The situations changing. The heart is moving too fast.

What to think of? What’s the plan? Don’t keep hanging. Don’t swim in uncertainties. Life is unfair. And so is love. Why keep doing it if it won’t last?

Sow love. Don’t expect. It will bloom not in despair. You will see. There is love. You are meant to give and not take back.

The more you give the more it hurts. Your heart wanting something it didn’t know. You want something back. Yes you expect. But that’s not as it is. Not as it is.

Sometimes you fear. Everything will change my dear. It is constant. It is clear. You can’t trust now. As you see it for years.

What to do? What now? How to keep this heart abound? How to love selflessly? Why should you give sacrificially?

The mind says no. The heart says go. Just do as you please. Just walk blindly. What you want doesn’t matter. Sometimes you frown. Sometimes you hate. But where the sun shines, your shadow sticks.

You give more. You take a little. You were given more but you see a little. Not connecting to your heart as it frizzle. You don’t know. What’s wrong? Are you selfish? Do you frown?

Smile little heart. Life goes on. At least you are happy as a beetle.


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