How I Long For Thee

How can she be so excited when I feel nothing but a normal day?

How can she not concentrate on the pressing matters at hand when all I can think of is the productivity target I’ve got to hit?

Where did she get all the patience and positive attitude?

In the office, I teach her all I know. In life, she infect me with life lessons I value.

She brought me sandwich and chocolate shake before we go inside. How thoughtful this young fellow is.

Then we parted ways. She got her own group of friends.


The set is beautiful. The lights extravagant. The worship experience is awesome.

The people in the stage are genuine. Their hearts are crying out. Their lips are praising Him who made them. They jump, shout and go crazy for the God who deserve all glory. Nothing else matters. No other name than His. They led the crowd into a worship indulgence by singing with all their heart.

No wonder the young fellow is excited the whole day. I missed that excitement. Nevertheless, I didn’t miss reconnecting to Him who loves me. Oh, how I long for Thee. How I yearn for His presence.


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