How I Pretend To Be a Travel Blogger

Update: Check out the photos of the place in this link. 

Today, I will pretend to be a travel blogger–even though I didn’t organize a thing and all I do is eat. Because that’s what you do when you travel, right?

Leaving Manila at Friday night, we arrived at Daet early morning. We endured 8 hours of seemingly roller coaster ride and freezing coldness without blanket nor socks to warm our feet. We want to travel light–and by light, I mean bag full of things I don’t remember using.

We had our breakfast at Jollibee whose service is way too poor–they served our meals after everyone else had theirs with incomplete condiments and a very salty sauteed rice. But since our stomach is raging–“it would eat any edible thing” kind of rage, we finished our food and filled our stomach anyway.

After a few minutes, Kuya Noli came and accompanied us to Vinzons, where we will have to transfer to a boat to get us to the island.  At Vinzons, Kuya Noli introduced us to Kuya Noli. Oops, it turned out that the one who fetch us at Jollibee is Kuya Euphi. He and Kuya Noli are business partners–both arranging travel and tours to Calaguas.

It took us 2 hours from the port to the Island with a lot of salt-filled ocean splash. Unsurprisingly, I was able to take a nap despite strong waves trying to turn our boat over. Yes, I’m superhuman. :p

We stayed at Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Tanigi Island, Calaguas.

The place is awesome! We can’t stop saying ‘wow’! The long travel time is totally worth it.

I’ve been to Boracay–white, powdery sand; serene, beautiful sky; party at night, jam-packed with tourist (probably because we went there during peak season: mid-July)–and some other beautiful beach in the country but I wasn’t as much as amazed and wowed when I saw Calaguas the first day.

The sea have all shades of blue until infinity..stretching high in the sky.  The waves, coming in and out of the shore, greets us by bringing just a little amount of seaweeds.  The sand is creamy white, powdery and lovely–you can walk barefoot without hurting your feet.  The sun is scorching hot, ready to fry us to deep tan. But who cares? It’s summer!–or the end of summer!  The scene is serene, divine and magnificent–the type of place where you just want to have your ‘me’ time; read a good book and enjoy the wind as it toss your hair against your face and back.

But aside from the summery place we were in, we’re blessed to have Kuya Noli and his team as well. They are awesome! Very hospitable, they would ask us every now and then if we are enjoying ourselves. They would keep us posted as to what time our meals will be served and our itinerary for the day.  They served us with smiles and a genuine heart. The food are not grand but totally delicious, homey and sumptuous. We enjoyed every variant of fish, fresh vegetables and Filipino delicacies. Since we have a swimsuit to fit in plus our tummy is just so tiny, we didn’t finish all the food that was served.

What we like most is the best quality of service they have provided. They set up the table and fix it after. Set up the tent, cover it when it drizzled at night then fix it up in the morning. When we asked for additional tent, they set up one for us. When we asked for some more tomatoes to match the fish, they gave us more. When we asked for additional coffee, although we already had one, they still gave us. You don’t see them rant over us or simply tell us that we can’t have additional requests. Kuya Noli take pictures of us and help us trek. His team hold our bags, help us snorkel and take good photos of us.

One of the craziest thing that could happen is to break your slippers while trekking.

How can you explore the island, trek, move to places full of sharp stones?

You don’t even thought of bringing a spare one ‘coz, well, you’re travelling light, right?

So, what now?

You’ll walk around barefooted?!

I didn’t have to.

Yes, my slippers was broken as we trek in the nearby island.

Good thing, one of Kuya Euphi’s buddy lend me his slippers.

I’m really grateful! I enjoyed the activities the whole day because I didn’t have to walk barefooted.

Though he did walk barefooted (and have to suffer in my behalf), I think his feet loves the feeling of sharp rocks and all.

But the thing is, his hospitality and all the crew’s generosity in giving the best quality of service is superb and exceptional.

Really recommended and worth all the travel time and not to mention, money.

The only thing that can make you cringe is the availability of water: P10 per pail. That’s how precious the water is. If taking a shower in the ocen, salty and sandy, doesn’t bother you, then you can save your P10 and maybe donate it to ALS instead. 🙂

But really, it doesn’t matter. I mean P10/pail won’t matter over the scene and serenity we get to enjoy. We only stayed 2 days and 1 one night though. We just cleansed and fixed ourselves on the night before sleeping and enjoyed the rest by the sea.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t travel straight to Manila from the beach, with salty face and body and sandy pocket and suits.

At Hizon, by the port, there are wash rooms available, with fee, of course–not per pail but per person.

Another thing I enjoyed is the quality of topics we are discussing.

Nah, it’s not all about boyfriend, heartbreak, fashion, hottest boys and girls in college–though we thought about it a bit–but  about politics–in and out, corruption, pitfalls, effectiveness of the government, next president, etc. Ha! I felt a little more mature talking about that stuff.  The company I was in was so great I hope to travel with them anytime soon!

So there! We hope that the place would maintain serenity and beauty of the island by keeping it noncommercial.

I strongly believe the locals will do well in keeping it virgin.

Well, we enjoyed the place so much we don’t want to go back to reality anymore.

But we all know what happened next–go back to our hometown.

Since I pretend to be a travel blogger, I list down all the expenses it took us to enjoy summer.

Because that’s what a travel blogger do, right? You’re welcome.

List of Expenses Amount (PHP)
Bus De Luxe 650.00
Breakfast 75.00
Calaguas Package 2,000.00
Vinzon’s Delicacies 40.00
Merienda/Dinner 80.00
Bus Aircon 510.00
TOTAL 3,355.00

Calaguas Package (2d 1n) is inclusive of:

  • Boat transfer to/from the island
  • Island cottage
  • Tent at night
  • Island hopping
  • Snorkeling (better have your own snorkeling gears)
  • Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch

PS: Kuya Noli is a CPA by profession, working at Hizon’s municipal office, and arranges travel to Calaguas at the side. He owns a boat, by the way. It allows him to charge cheaper than his competitors. 🙂

Disclaimer: This is neither a sponsored nor affiliate post. Just a travel-blogger-wannabe write-up.


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