Project 24: Room Make-over

This idea never crossed my mind. It’s not that it never-ever-crossed-my-mind; it’s just not my priority and I’m too lazy to think of it ‘coz it’s too costly to hire a contractor plus the materials it would entail to do the thing.

Thank God for friends!

Yeah, friends!

Friends who happen to have a background in construction and have contacts from suppliers.

Friends whose way of showing love exceeds beyond your expectation.

Friends who think out of the box and have creative ideas for execution.

Friends who are willing to lend a hand, violate their time, offer their expertise, exhaust their contacts, seek consultation from their circle, and love you way beyond what you can imagine

They really thought of overhauling my room! How’s that?!

It was an exciting idea. I was skeptic at first. I never thought they’d be that willing to spearhead the project.

They offered the idea! It started by asking my opinion of what color of blinds would be good for a room, what type and color of tiles, what kind of light, etc. It was for a room of our friend in the province. It is supposed to be this Friday. I’m excited for her. I thought of asking to come.

But the next time we met, it shifted from her room to mine.

I was never excited about it due to lack of financial resources and contacts. But they are so determined and excited; and so willing to offer huge freebies and shoulder some of the cost via whenever-I-have-means-to-pay-scheme (in which I really couldn’t believe!).

Knowing how busy they were, and how much trouble this would cause them, I’m planning to politely decline.

But they told me that (aside from the fact that the room was never repainted ever-since-the-world-began) the real and exciting motivation why we should give my room a new look is to have a new ambiance and “feel” of the place. It would replace the old and entangling memories it holds. This reason nailed it!

I Desperately Need A Make-Over!
I Desperately Need A Make-Over!

I appreciate how my friends helped me in a very unique way of moving into a new phase of my life. I’m glad to have friends who think of ways on how to touch my life in a different way.

I will forever cherish their time, superb ideas, and love.

Hey There, Finally! :)
Hey There, Finally! 🙂

Hope that there will be more projects like this to come–like house overhaul, perhaps? 🙂

How about you? What superb ideas and love you and your friends shared and worked together?


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