Rich Man and The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man

The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man orders a coffee, small, sugar-boosted creamy coffee. After getting his coffee from the counter, he sits down on a corner table with a long couch. He pull his laptop out from the bag he is carrying, connect it to the power source, then he did the same with his phone.

He opened his email, read some of it and answered to some.

Then he watch his favorite series from the net through his phone. The internet connection is stable. He can watch without interruption.

From time to time, The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man’s friends chat with him. They talk for a while–about puppies, shoes, bags and stuff. He wants to buy high quality items with minimum cost. But in this world, quality has a price. And so his friend’s stuff.

After an hour, a Rich Man sits beside him; carrying a handbag with a notebook and pen, newspaper, and a small, sugar-boosted creamy coffee. The Rich Man opened the newspaper, turned it to business section, sips his coffee, and read.

After reading and browsing, the Rich Man fix his things and left.

The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man noticed him. He noticed the difference on what they are doing. But he still continue to watch his favorite series.


The reason why the Rich Man gets richer and The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man gets poorer is the difference on the things they do.

The Rich Man continues to learn–studies the business and economy while sipping a cup of coffee in the morning.

The-Wanna-Get-Rich Man continues to fail on his plan to get rich–watching stuff that won’t add up to his knowledge; hoping against hope to get rich someday; and sip a cup of coffee in the morning.

I'm hot! -Coffee
I’m hot! -Coffee

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