Change Is Constant

Change is the really constant thing in this world that never changes.

I’ve experienced a lot of changes in my lifetime and I bet I’m up for more:

From empty-handed to being full;

From being full to robbery and downright misery;

From misery to contentment;

From contentment to another shot of fullness;

From fullness (again) to happiness;

From happiness to being peacefully shaky.

Maybe shakiness is an understatment. But I cannot find another word that can describe how I feel right now. Thank God there is peace in my heart.

I know that this too shall pass.

Hi Mr. Wheelly! Thanks for the ride!


Just like this wheel: it is a bit shaky but I find it peaceful at the same time.

I am rejoicing with tears.

This is the change that I am embracing with all my heart and I know will bring us more good than harm.

This is the change that bring me to tears but lits a shining hope in my life.

This is the change that would make me groan for unuttered longing of warmth but would also make me proud of the bold move and its possible beautiful outcome.

I embrace this change for this too, shall change.



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