HBD Lovie!

You sent me this message and remind me to give you a looooooong and heart warming message on FB:

Me: Oh, I better compose a very long one for you Lovie!
Me: Oh, I better compose a very long one for you Lovie!

To tease you, I typed this:

Me: This would really annoy her! Bwahahahaha!
Me: This would really annoy her! Bwahahahaha!

I expected you to retaliate but you didn’t.. LOL!

Well anyways, I won’t let this day pass without giving you a heart warming message. So here it goes:

Loviedubs, thanks for being the nicest and makulet friend I can ever have. Thanks for being there on times I needed you guys most and for bringing me (or us) into places we certainly enjoyed. Thanks for being a madame and bestie at the same time.

I miss those times that we get together almost everyday at kami na ang sumusuko sa mga pag-aaya mo. We are really amused on why you never seem to get tired on going out and ask us to almost every place there can ever be.

I will always be forever grateful on those times that we stick around like sisters and sleep around on weekends. Those are the times that we understood each other and get to peek on our lives. Thank you for sharing your testimony and being bold to admit things you don’t usually tell anyone.

Thank you for picking an endearment for us. I love it when I have a nickname on calling my friends and only the two of us call each other that way!

Thank you for befriending my family and our long lost cat, Tisoy. It meant a lot that my family knows you and asks: Asan na si Kulot..na Unat na ngayon?

I love you to bits Lovie. Though now we do not see each other very often, I still treasure our friendship as one of the best. Continue to be the salt and light of this world as our Lord exemplified. I believe you will go a long way and succeed in every endeavors that you will take. Please know that I am always here for you, no matter what. I will support you on every decision and action you wish to take. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Teasingly yours,

Lovie :*

Pretty and lovely Lovie! :)
Pretty and lovely Lovie! 🙂

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