Dear Love

Dear Love

You are generous

You are free-spirited

You have given your all


You’ve done every thing

Almost anything just to please them

You can move mountains

You can swim an ocean

You can catch a bullet for them


You are not asking for anything in return

You do all this out of love

No, what a hypocrite

You do ask for something


You want your love be returned

You want to be needed

You want to be wanted

You want to be loved as well


Let me tell you, Love

This is self-destructing

This would lead to a dead end

This would drown you in the deepest sea


You thought you can do it

You have overcome boundaries

You have crossed the line

You have lost your way in the dark forest


You have been so strong for wrong reasons

You have founded your emotions on a weak foundation

You cannot do this all alone

You are not invincible


Love, come back to the source of your strength

You may not know the future it holds

But you are secure

In spite of the danger that lies ahead


Your love would be returned

More that what you can imagine

More than what you deserve

More than what you can do


Come, Love, let us reason together

Don’t ever think that you feel too much

Embrace every emotion

Feel every bit of it.


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