The Expat And His Sexual Desire

So I was jobless.

I have registered on each and every job platforms online. I have been clicking ‘apply’ button and receiving ‘thank you’ emails. I am constantly receiving ‘rejection’ replies as well.

Silence means yes, they say. But not on this one. It means a freakin’ NO! There has been zero phone calls for interview invite. Okay, there’s a couple of calls but not my career match.

I have also been walking-in; knocking on companies and giving out CV copies.

Then there’s one time I thought I had shot.

I just passed my CV to the reception area in a company. As I walked out of one company into another one, there’s a man in a suit observing me. After handing out another CV, I walked out and press the elevator button.

As we get in the elevator, the man in a suit observing me asked, “are you hunting for a job?” 

I said, “yes.”

He asked my qualifications and a copy of CV.

As we went down to ground floor, his phone rang and excused himself for a minute. He is just an arm-length away so I can’t help but overhear their conversation.

Apparently, he is a general manager of a huge company. He is currently looking for an accountant for their newly opened catering business. Bingo! This is my shot!

We walked out of the building and into the parking lot. I wonder where will we be discussing. He walked towards his car and asked if it is okay if we discuss inside as he is running late for another meeting.

I obliged.

I hopped in and we began discussing. I showcased my skills and conversed in a smart and professional way.

He looks impressed by my confidence but unfortunately, my qualifications do not match.

He then point out things that went wrong in my CV–it must be longer; there must be more skills; attach all my certifications; etc.

Then he asked if we can go for a drive.

I was comfortable with him as we have been discussing for a while–not as employer, employee but as friends. So I said, “yeah, sure.”

What could went wrong? He is a white man, probably 5 years older than me, looks very professional and respected.

As we are driving around he asked how come I was single and not married. I said, “why not? I’m single and happy.”

He is also single, he confessed. He is an expat and is living here for six years already. He has been so busy at work and was stressed out for six months putting up and managing the catering business. I felt sorry for him and shared that I am only stressed out for two months hunting for a job.

Then we stopped at a nearby building that doesn’t looked like a decent one and asked the most horrible question I received so far.

“You’re single; I am single. We’re both in a good mood. Shall we check-in?”

Oh. My. Goodness. 

For real?!?!

I was shocked.

“No! I’m not that kind of person.”

“I did not say you are this kind of person. I just thought you’re cool and we’ve kind of connected. I’d like to know you more.”

You’d like to know me more–in bed?!?!

“I don’t engage sex with a person I just met.”

“But why? Everyone does it. I love to make love and you seem very interesting.”

“No way! I can’t! If you’ll excuse me, I have to go.”

The conversation still went that way–him haggling and enticing how good and perfect time it is to share the bed together and me consistently and more firmly saying no.

He gave up and just offered me to drop somewhere in the business area.

“You are a strong woman. I like you.”

“I am. I should be. By the way, may I know your name?”

“I’m Ryan.”



I guess, it is just a bogus name. He’s careful not to give specific information about himself for I might use it against him.

“Am I scaring you?”

“Hmm.. A bit.”

“You can hold my hand.”

“Stop it Ryan!”

“What?!? I’m single, you’re single. Why not?!”

“Because I do not want to!”

“Look, I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. Please don’t think that I am bad. Sorry if I scared you..

..Everything that happened this afternoon would be confidential, okay? Don’t worry.”

Well, it better be, for his sake.

“Well, you did scare me.”

“I’m sorry about that. But hey, do not get in a car of any man ever again. You are lucky I am a good man. Some guys would just took advantage of you.”

“Because of today’s incident, I would never dare to get into any body’s car ever!”

“I bet you wouldn’t! Haha!”

I have to give him credit for that. He is definitely bigger than me and can use force if he want to. But he didn’t. I was spared and did not die.

Then all the horror stories of other people just came to life. They’re real. And they come in all forms.

I was so innocently stupid for getting in his car in the first place. For I do not thought that he is capable of doing that. Generally, I give everyone the benefit of a doubt. I would assume that each person has a good intention rather than would do you harm.

So he dropped me off in front of Blue Tower.

“Take care, okay?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“If I call you, you would probably pick it up thinking that I am a recruiter. Then you’ll hang up as soon as you know it is me, right?”

“Yes. Definitely!”


“Well, nice to meet you Ryan.”

“You too, bye. I’ll call you.”

Don’t bother, I thought.

As I am walking towards the tower, all the fear inside my body consumed me. I felt a rush of cold water being showered on me. I might have collapsed if I am with somebody. But I have to remain calm.

I took a cab back home.


I was born and raised in a conservative culture. Sex is not a casual thing that you can ask to anybody like you are just asking for a candy.

Apparently, on this side of the world, you can.

Welcome to the outside world, baby!

I was saddened by the fact that some people here thought that women, specially Filipina, can be enticed to sleep in bed with them, any time, any where.


Note to self: Be extra careful! Fortunately, you are safe and still alive. Your safety is your responsibility. Own it!


24 thoughts on “The Expat And His Sexual Desire

  1. Pangit!?!?! what were you thinking ha???… ingat ka dyan palagi,,, golden rule (don’t talk to strangers”) applies even for adults,, not just for kids… miss you nget!! M Ghie here…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buti na lang safe ka! What if terorista pala yun!hehe I know God intervened. A lesson learned. I’ll share this sa FB. Ok lang? Don’t worry hindi kita itag.hehe This must be a warning too other girls/Filipina.

    Liked by 1 person

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