Aquatico Resort, Laiya, Batangas

Aquatico Beach Resort

Laiya Batangas

October 2015

So this trip happened with my officemate-turned-ngetest-best-friend. It was a good and perfect way to escape the busy street of the metro. If you enjoy sand, sunset and infinity pool, you can go check this place out.

It is a very memorable trip with this girl friend before I head into a foreign land.

We can talk anything under the sun and she can turn almost every conversation into continuous series of joke and laugh our heart out. She’s just so fun to be with and I enjoy every moment I spend with her.

She’s very generous in every aspect: time, effort, love, smile, heck, even money. She won’t hesitate to be there when you need her and she will always make sure you’re not forgotten.

She was there when I thought my world was crumbling and shattering into pieces. I remember crying my heart out to her. Sharing that part of burden with her means so much to me.

But she can be a bit sensitive at times and she tend to push me away. But who doesn’t?

I just hope all the best for her. I want to see her grow in her career and personal life.

So back to the trip, it was a good one. Not only because of the place but more of who I was with.


17 thoughts on “Aquatico Resort, Laiya, Batangas

    • Ahm.. Wait.. Tatanong ko muna sa damage officer. Hihi. Ang alam ko po may voucher yan e. So medyo discounted. Di ko lang maalala kung magkano. Hahaha Pero ang mahal talaga e yung buffet (around 500 each person per meal). Wala kasi mabibilhan ng food dun at bawal magluto. 🙂

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