This Is My Dream

Luis is so lonely, so broke, so devastated. 
His grandmother died. 
She is very dear to him. She raised him like his own. She treated him like a son. She is very much like a mother to Luis. His character was shaped and formed with the guidance of his grandmother. 
But now she’s gone. All left was a memory of her keep playing on his mind. All of those are now precious memories that can never be relived.
He cannot hug her anymore. He cannot cling to her like a child. He cannot tell her how beautiful she is. He cannot go out with her and be her date every weekend. He can no longer tell her how much she is loved.
Everything seemed to be meaningless. All his endeavor. All his success. All of his acquired possession. 
He can no longer hear her aged yet sweet voice telling him, “I’m proud of you, son.”
This instance has snapped him out of reality. For some reason he wants to keep remembering, keep playing, all those days she was alive. 
He won’t talk. He won’t share. He won’t eat nor move. He is just sitting in our bedroom staring blankly. 
I just stand a few feet away from him unable to move. Afraid of what might happen if I dare to interrupt. 
He has been my friend since 2011. He is the most poker-faced joker I ever met. He can make you laugh. He can challenge your beliefs. He inspires you to be better. 
How can I bring him back? Does he ever want to be back? How can I make him want so eager to be back? 
Aya came rushing into the room. He hugged Luis so tight. She talked to him and he looked at her. Finally. 
As always, Aya can bring light into a room without much work. Her presence is light and contagious. 
Luis is back. That’s all that matters. 
Aya kept talking to him. She shared how much she cared for him. How much important his life is to her. When Aya’s heart was broken, Luis was there to comfort her. Now it’s time to return the favor. 
Then she kissed her. A kiss so passionate Luis generously responded. 
My heart was broken on what I  witnessed. 
So is Luis’ girlfriend, Macy. She is sitting at our dining table. She saw everything. She must be jealous as I was. 
I do not understand why was I jealous. Do I secretly love Luis deep within that I abhor Ara of what she did? The anger sprang not out of concern but out of a hidden desire to kiss Luis. 

Then I realized that it’s time to wake up. 


I don’t always remember my dream. So when I do, I write it down. This one is very weird. Well, most of my dream (when I get to remember them) is. 


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