I Have Another Dream

And I can still remember the gist upto now. Isn’t that weird?

I dreamt of death. Again. 

And this time, the person who passed away is now within my inner circle. 

A friend, dearest to me, died. 

But in my dream, she has a royal blood. 

The wake was grand and full of influencial people. 

I didn’t realized that it was my close friend until I talked to her father, the king. 

Upon hearing the truth, my heart was broken. 

But I find comfort with the king’s presence. I cried like a child and he cried with me. 

We walked the body to the grave and never stopped talking about her and our happiest memories with her. 

We will miss her, teribly. But life has to go on. 

Then I woke up. Brokenhearted. 



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