To The Man Who Is Persistently Winning My Heart

You are in my prayers last night
You are one of the pressing issues clouding my heart
Not once that I have considered your love
But for some reason, I cannot cross over the fence of my heart
To come and embrace your love


I am not the perfect wife-to-be as you put it
I have far more flaws than I can ever show
I have kept too many secrets you cannot fathom
My hands are not clean
They are full of filth covered in white gloves
You are only seeing the white gloves
For you barely scratch the surface of my heart

You are just in love with my idea
You thought I am perfect
Perfect for you
But no, I am not perfect
I am not perfect for you


For I am hiding.
Beneath every smile are painful cries
Behind every “wise” words are contempt and fallacy
I have hidden myself too deep that I cannot even find it


But last night, I dared.
I dared to come out and see you.
I prayed for you
And the possibility of “us.”


If you are really meant for me, I prayed that He would cause me to love you back, without reservations.
That if you are the person I would spend the rest of my life with
Then help me sow seeds of love for you every day
That if this is the love story He has written for us
Then I pray that you will be closer to Him more than anyone else


For I want a man who can lead me back to God
I want a man who loves God deeper, greater, and higher
I want a man who would inspire me to love God deeper, greater, and higher
For if we always go back to His love
Our love for each other will never be lost


We can chat for a while and be silent for years
Yet every time I respond to your “Ji”
You always make sure to say how lovely I am to your sight
I will lie if I say it didn’t ever made me smile


Your loving words and sweet comments are
singing in my heart
Like a chocolate bringing joy to my life
Like a hot coffee calming my heart in the morning
Like the clouds painting the weary sky


Last night I asked God to help me see you as a lover
Last night I asked Him to speak to you as well
To tell you my longing.
My heart
Is far more fragile than what you think
You cannot handle my fragility
It needs to be surrendered to His care alone


That if you want me
Then want Him
If you want my heart
Then ask it from Him


Today you said
“I make out with her”
I knew from then on
Your heart doesn’t belong to me
And my heart is not meant for you


Good bye, stubborn lover
I want you to know that you are the most persistent person I met
Your efforts are all appreciated since day one


Thank youΒ for loving me genuinely
I felt the sincerity
Of your longing heart and soul
Forgive meΒ if I wasn’t able to return your love
The way you deserve to be loved


Go on
Run to her
Treat her like a princess
For you, like any other man
Deserved to be loved


I can tell now to my heart
Hush, hush
The right one will come
In His perfect time.

26 thoughts on “To The Man Who Is Persistently Winning My Heart

  1. Ang ganda naman. At napaka-prayerful nito. Naalala ko tuloy yung prayer ni Tobias at Sarah dun sa The Book of Tobit sa Old Testament. Pero iba ang context nun. Hehe. Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko. Ipa-follow na rin kita para masaya. πŸ˜€


  2. For all those times na pinagsamahan nyo, minahal mo ba sya or considered him at least, even once? Am not talking about a brotherly love but a romantic love, did you felt anything like that at all, even once, for all those times?

    Liked by 1 person

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