Two Days

So many thoughts lingering my mind
Fluid flowing passing through the roads of my empty brain
Causing heavy traffic and mini havoc
Manifesting as unwritten groans and forgotten longing

Two days

Two days from now marks the start of a friendship once true and lovely
I’ve stopped counting since the day you left
Always skipping a heartbeat
Waiting for you to turn and look back
But I never saw your shining eyes again

Two days from now marks the end of a friendship once always and forever
I’ve stopped singing our songs
To: “Keep shining, keep smiling…
Knowing you can always count on me…”
No, I can no longer count on you

Two days from now I hope I can walk away
That yes, though it happened a freaking four years ago
But your smile,
your breath,
and the way you look
is still fresh like yesterday

Like you never left
My heart has been full of memories
Reminding me of the days
When we walk down the streets and laugh around
When we dance in the rain and catch the bus
The sting has been real and biting
I guess you never left
The idea of you has been with me all this time

Two days from now I hope I really stop counting
And my heart stop reminding
That two days from now used to be our day

Two days.


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