I Will Never Forget

I will never forget
How you call presents a “bomb”
And sneak them on my table
In random early mornings


I will never forget
How you ignite my passion
In receiving lovely letters
And start writing them again


I will never forget
Your “Good morning, dear!
Every morning
Consistent and never weary


I will never forget
How we “credit” and “rebill
Our coffee
In the morning
And after lunch


I will never forget
How you come to my place
And fetch me with your “broom
So we can have our snack together


I will never forget
The call we will make
When we are old and aging
Asking if we have taken
A good bathe for the day


Even if we’re miles away
Our friendship have bloomed
And flourished


And I bet
Even if we don’t talk that often
Our friendship will stand
And never be broken


Even if I often forget
Please know that
My heart will always remember
The friendship we’ve shared
Together or apart


I love you my dearest.

5 thoughts on “I Will Never Forget

  1. And come what may….
    I will never forget you Dear Jih Jih the Great! I’m so grateful to have u as my forever pen pal..Hehe

    It’s a great blessing to have you dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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