I Have A Cheating Heart

I am sorry

For hurting you
For running away
For loving you less
For not being faithful

I don’t know
How many apologies
I can offer
So I can forgive myself

You said
Your love for me is enough
Nothing I can do
To make it lesser

But, Love, I have a cheating heart

I keep on looking somewhere
Chasing other things
Filling the void in this heart
That I know full well
Only you can fill

I end up hurting others
Cutting deep within their soul
That’s the worst part
Of my selfish endless chasing

Love, if you cannot satisfy me
Who will ever can?
So please, put me in the shackle
Of your extraordinary love

Help me see
That you are also chasing me
And in your eyes
I am beautiful
I am important
I am loved


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