10 Simple Things That Makes Me Happy

10 simple things that makes me happy:
1. Chocolates
2. Coffee
3. Ice Cream
4. Full Moon
5. Sunset
6. Scattered clouds
7. Trees underneath the sky
8. Hug
9. Quality Time
10. Letter

This post has been over due. I have been tagged by Gwen of DubaiExpatNurse last, uhm, December? LOL. It’s better late than never, right? What, no? K.

Even so, here’s the list of things that makes me happy, in no particular order.

Chocolates. On my first job, I made a gross mistake. My manager called and gave me a warning. After the call, I was shaking and very afraid—I cannot smile; my head so down; and I cannot face anybody. My officemate gave me a chocolate cupcake and called it a happy hormone. It indeed made the rest of my day happy. Since then, I call chocolates: Happy Hormones.


Coffee. Every night, during the last TV series, my father will always tell me: “Nak, timpla ka nang kape.” (Jai, go make a coffee). I will make three: for me, my mother, and my father. But sometimes, my mother will just go and make coffee for us before we sleep. And I tell you, it is the most aromatic coffee I am enjoying on every cup.

(c) JJES


Ice Cream. Any flavor except those with fruits. I once heard that when you are starting to like fruit flavored ice cream, you are now entering the “senior citizen” age. Good thing my taste bud hasn’t been friends with anything but coffee or chocolate flavored ice cream. LOL!

Full Moon. Oh how I love full moon! I can stand on the ground and stare at the moon all night if my time permits. I just hate that my phone camera don’t appreciate what I see.


Sunset. I fell in love with sunset the first time I see it so full and lovely while in the bus going to AUH. We were on a bridge passing through SZR. I was in awe of its magnificence and beauty. I haven’t seen it as close like this before like I can hold of it. It was so big, its rays are extending over the sky as far as it can reach, coloring the sky as her canvass. Glorious. Beautiful beyond words.


Scattered Clouds. Don’t you love how clouds form different shapes and sizes every day? They’re lovely as they are.


Trees underneath the sky. This is my favorite subject whenever I shoot photos. Forest is a heaven for me. I love the combination of trees and sky. It brings forth peace and joy in my heart. Unfortunately, there are not much trees planted here. I just miss staring at their leaves and branches under the sky capturing their beauty through photos.


Hug. Nothing beats a warm and long hug from my family and closest friends. It’s like a chocolate wrapped in sweet goodness and hot, creamy coffee in the morning–combined. My mom is my constant hugging buddy. I love how she caresses my back as I rest on her shoulders. I also have hug-buddies in the office. We used to hug whenever we bump into each other every now and then. I like the feeling of being hugged and giving hugs. I understand that some people are not really touchy so I respect them. But I will always be delighted when someone will not feel so awkward in hugging even publicly. Oh wait, I only hug my girl friends, to make it clear, ok?

(c) DJCM

Quality Time. A well spent day anywhere with my family and/or favorite friend(s). I don’t care where we go as long as we’re together. We can have a coffee at the middle of the night while binge-watching TV drama series. We can have our favorite Dark Mocha Frappuccino; eat Charlie Chan pasta then watch a very good Rom-Com or Sci-Fi movie. We can have a massage and fill our tummy with good food after. We can play badminton and watch my opponent cry as I overtake the game (it’s actually the other way around). We can go for a walk in the park; eat ice cream and go for unlimited iced tea. We can cook and try different menu altogether. We can run a kilometer and eat something healthy. I can third wheel with my fave love team and enjoy window shopping all day. Or we can simply attend the church service together. What usually sticks to my memory the most are the little things we do together.


Letters. A few years ago, I used to hate rereading all the letters I received since grade school for it brings painful reality that the letter sender who used to be my closest friend is now a stranger that I won’t even bother saying hi when I see them at the mall. I have a box full of letters from my elementary friends, high school best friends, church-mates, crush and best of friends. Five years ago, they all go to waste as I throw them all up along with the painful truth that our path have gone different ways. But a few years ago, I met an officemate who give me fruits, chocs, and letters once or twice a week. It ignited my passion in sending and receiving letters. I appreciate a heart-felt letter from my friends. It shows who they are and they’re word says a lot about them. Through their letters, I get to see myself in their perspective and I get to know their thoughts about life.


What about you? What’s your 10 simple things? I would really love to know them too! Let me know in the comments or just post your own and tag me. 🙂


17 thoughts on “10 Simple Things That Makes Me Happy

  1. Favorite ko ung coffee part. Ganun din kc kami, ung bonding ang nagpasarap nun 🙂

    Nasa abu dhabi ka?i’ve been there once, stayed sa Novotel hotel,naglibot din sa…nakalimutan ko na, may Dal mall ba jan?basta ung malayo 🙂


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