Wake-up, Sleepyhead

I have no problem in getting a good sleep at night.

I can sleep whenever, wherever. I just need to close my eyes. Seriously.

But last night was different.

It was so good and comforting. I felt refreshed and alive the next day.

It was the first sound sleep I had since settling here.

Probably because all the clutter beside my bed was gone. They are now beautifully arranged in a wall shelf.

I never realized that removing it really does help you sleep better.

Also, there’s now a curtain around my bed that gives me a sense of privacy. It made my bed like a sanctuary where I can do whatever I want; ignoring the prying eyes around me.

All this was possible because of a friend’s help. This awesome friend does the entire nitty-gritty job of setting things up while I watch and cheer at the side.

I don’t know what I have done to deserve such friends who help me with things I am too lazy to do by myself.

Unfortunately, that was the last night we do things together. The next day, we switched from friends to a complete stranger. I don’t have the strength to share the details because it was a mutual agreement. I respect the decision we’ve made and I believe it is for the better.

The sad part is, whenever I look around at my so-called sanctuary, I remember a friend so dear. And our friendship, though short, ‘twas sweet and genuine.

PS: I promised not to post anything about our friendship. Oh well, promises are meant to be broken, ain’t it? :p


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