Where is the Money??

Apparently, all people need money.

We have families to support and stomach to feed. We need to pay rent for the house. Sure, we can live without buying new clothes or going out for fun but how can we dismiss the growing pangs of hunger? Our daily transportation expenses? Our children that we are sending to school? And our parents needing financial support? How can we live even for our basic needs if we don’t have money?

We cannot buy rice with loyalty and love—however passionate.

It is devastating to see the staff come to you asking for the very right they should have—their salary.

Some begging; some arrogant.
Some understanding; some pointing fingers.
Some will find fault but some chose to be silent.
I wonder if they are raging with hatred inside.

However they present themselves, it is still their right to get their hard earned money. But you just stand there—helpless—trying to let them understand that we are doing our best to give their salary. We are in so much stress as they are because we cannot fulfill our duties to them as we juggle the need to pay the suppliers and avoid getting penalized in every check bounced.

It is funny how you, being in a foreign land, where everyone thinks you are amassing lots of money, are penniless. Struggling to keep up with debt and avoiding all your responsibilities back home. Ironically, you went in a foreign land to earn more money but you end up in a company where it struggles to make the ends meet as much as you do.

What’s even funnier is, you understand. You see the big picture. You know how the company is doing and you cannot add to its misery by complaining.

But you are heart broken. For you see so many people who cannot understand. You can’t blame them though.

How can you blame a person whose child is in the hospital? He is asking for his salary. You know you have to give it but how? There’s nothing to give. There’s nothing left in your feeble envelope—having only coins and a few bills. You just say sorry and explain how things are going but they won’t listen. Can you?

They’ll start to fight back. They’ll talk behind your back. They thought you’re playing favorites. They think of so many reasons why on earth you can’t give what rightfully is theirs.

You’ll know the true character of a person when he/she lacks sleep, hungry or in dire need of money.

You know the drill: they’ll give you a code name and laugh around. They’ll magnify the things that you do wrong and will take offense on almost anything.

Been there, done that. Oh how the tables have turned!

However rational your reasons are, they won’t accept any of it. All they care about is their urgent and critical need of money. The only reason they can understand is this: you are the villain who’s keeping all the money in the vault—putting it away from them.

Their pain is valid.
Their emotions are biting.
They are hurting.

Honestly, I would most probably join the band wagon of bullies and sarcasm if I were in their shoes. Understanding where they are coming from, it is easier to choose kindness and love when dealing with them. It’s not easy, I know. As much as I pray for gazillion of patience, I also pray for wisdom and confidence to share God’s love. I hope that my life will show people how faithful God is—not only in my life, but theirs as well.

Whenever I wonder what on earth am I doing in this place and secretly wish to fly back home where everything is manageable and somehow more comfortable than this, I always try to remember how things were literally processed smoothly when I went here–from documents to provision. I surely am here for a reason. So I choose to I stand firm in His promise that where He plants me, I will blossom. Wherever He puts me, I will prosper. Along with it is the ability to bless the people around me. Even though all I see now is chaos and unsecure ground, I choose to put my faith in God—the giver and author of all things.

God is faithful and I have proven that in my life (but that is another story).

How about you? What are your experiences about money and how do you feel about it? I’d love to hear your stories.


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