Letters of Plea

Camera 360

The day I stopped writing.

IΒ would love to write you letters. But I lost interest when no feedback was ever received. I don’t know. Call it selfish. Call it petty. Call it insensitive. Call it whatever you like. But please know that I am hurting deep within.

Am I too demanding for asking a reply? Or am I too insensitive for not understanding how hard it is for you to find time writing one? Lame. You can always make time for something important to you. I know. For I do.

I asked. No response.

I begged. You said why am I obliging you to do so?

I kept silent. Frustrated.

I don’t know how to ask without sounding too demanding. I just want to read your mind. Be able to see and feel how you feel. I just want you to express yourself through writing as you are not as expressive in person.

Is it selfish to expect a response from someone you are excited to hear from?

I don’t know how to keep this fire up and running. Maybe in time. Maybe.


090514 | jrlzn

Ok, so this is sitting in my drafts folder since forever. It happened few years ago so I might as well publish it. I’m an overly dramatic clingy person, ain’t I? πŸ˜€

The emotion in this write up is still fresh to me. But I’m not hurting anymore. I now understood and just let it go. I guess the more you hold your grip too tight, the more the person is not willing to stay.


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