She’s Getting Married!

Eric & Dian_PreNup_HiRes_46
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One of my best friends is getting married today!

I haven’t fully grasped the reality of this special event until I saw their pre-nup photos. She is stunning as ever! We haven’t really discussed this but we know deep within that their relationship will actually step into this level. Gut-feel.

Well, My mother always thought they’re already married, oh my goodness!

We have been friends since high school. No we’re not classmates but we belong to the same youth ministry back then. We prayed and shared lives together. We do theater classes, music videos, and campus ministry. Oh those were the days!

Even though we are not as active in the church like before, our friendship remained intact.

She’s that kind of low maintenance besties that can totally live apart and not speak for months but would rock our lives out when we meet up.

She’ll either sleep over to our house or I’ll gate crash to their dorm at weekends. We’ll talk about anything—boys, faith, work, kikay kit and everything in between. She literally influenced my style and make-up (aside from my sister).

I can’t remember how many times I third-wheeled to their date and I enjoyed it every time. They’re not the type of couple who’ll make you feel out of place. Eric has always been a gentleman–he won’t just care for her girl but to every girl in the world. He’ll open the door for you; prepare the table for dinner; give you a hand when crossing the street or hopping off the bus; offer his seat when needed and many gentleman-ly things. Yuna will always be clinging into my arms and talk to me full time when we are together. It actually feels like Eric is the one who’s third-wheeling me and Yuna when the three of us get together.

Just like the best friends in the series we are watching (One Tree Hill), Yuna and I told ourselves that we can still sleep over at each other’s house even if we are already married: we will be on the master’s bedroom and our husbands on the couch. And I’m actually counting on that! So to Eric and my future hubby, consider yourselves warned. 😀

Oh I just can’t help but be nostalgic on all the things we’ve done together!

Now that they are beginning a new chapter of their lives, I am just sooo happy for both of them!

Eric & Dian_PreNup_HiRes_58
I’m pretty sure the ants are crawling now under their feet. 🙂

Sooner or later we will have our kids and that will officially mark our entry to being Tita’s-of-Manila! Grabe, ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagtanda namin. Hahaha!

Though it is truly heart breaking that I won’t be able to witness their special event, my prayers and overflowing joy will always be with this couple. I love them soooo much and and I am so happy for them.

I will always be the No. 1 fan of #TeamMamay!

Eric & Dian_PreNup_HiRes_59
Next thing you know, there will be tiny feet beside this lovely bird. And hopefully a group family photo–mine of course. 🙂

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