Marriage At First Sight

Hustle while waiting.

I was reading the story of Rebekah and Isaac last night and I was pretty blown away.

I was amazed on how Rebekah, agreed to go to Isaac’s place–away from her family, and be married to a guy she hasn’t even met.

I was also mesmerized on how Isaac, at first sight of Rebekah, took her into his mother’s tent–married her and loved her. She had him at first sight.

Marriage first; Love later.

Arranged marriage at its finest. πŸ˜€

Sounds ridiculous, right?

I was quite skeptical but as I reflect more on the story, God is actually the one ordaining the whole thing. So I believe Isaac and Rebekah will never be able to marry each other if they don’t trust and love God.

The Lord provided Isaac a wife after his mother–whom he loved so much–died. He is still grieving.

The Lord provided Rebekah a husband after waiting maybe for years and probably rejected “qualified” men from her hometown. I don’t think no one has ever courted her. The bible says she is a beautiful woman and she is a virgin–no man has slept with her.

And more importantly, I believe the Lord has stirred their feelings and emotion when their eyes first met.

I pray for the same kind of intimate relationship that Isaac and Rebekah has for God.

That in this season of loneliness, brokenness and emptiness, I would be able to see Him as my Father, Best-Friend and Lover of my soul. That He would fill me with His overflowing love and grace.

I’m still in love with the story of Rebekah and Isaac that it inspired me to wait and hustle while I wait. It pacifies my doubt and silenced my insecurities. Their story allowed me to trust in God and love Him even more.


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