Little Things, So Much Joy

My Kind of Little Things. Though not really little. 😀


We are walking down the road when Dan pulled out something from her clear envelope.

“This is for you, Mich.”

She handed her a piece of black and white feather.

Mich was overjoyed as she asked, “Where did you get this?”

“Oh I picked it up from the road a few moments ago,” Dan said matter-of-factly.

“You picked it when?!” Mich and I surprisingly asked.

“A few minutes ago. Didn’t you see it? There were a lot of feathers lying on the street. That’s the longest one.”

Both Mich and I were very much surprised at what we heard. We are walking side by side yet we haven’t seen anything. We haven’t even noticed that Dan picked it up.

Two things I was amazed of on this little scene we had yesterday:

First, I was amazed on how we see things from a different perspective. Dan noticed something on the road that we didn’t. We may be busy with other things like how-hot-the-weather-was and the-stop-light-might-turn-red-at-any-moment-so-we-need-to-cross-the-street-fast kind of things.

Second, I was also in awe on how little things bring so much joy to some one. The feathers reminded Mich of God’s greatness in her life. It is just a tiny piece of feather. It is in no way grander than a diamond. It is not as expensive as a the latest smartphone in the market. Yet it brighten up Mich’s face. It brought her so much joy.

How about you? What are the little things in life that you enjoy the most?


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