The God Who Pursues


Sweet  Sunset
Sweet Sunset


I poured the boiling water into the mason jar with instant coffee, stirred then drank hurriedly.

Yes, it hurts.

It numbs my sense of taste. I can’t enjoy the sandwich afterwards.

What am I thinking? Nope. What am I reading that I forgot to cool down the coffee first before drinking?

I was so caught up by Max Lucado‘s Gentle Thunder.

Here are the lines that speak to my heart:

God does what it takes to get our attention. Isn’t that the message of the Bible? Isn’t that the message of the Bible? The relentless pursuit of God. God on the hunt. God in the search. Peeking under the bed for hiding kids, stirring the bushes for lost sheep. Cupping hand to mouth and shouting into the canyon.

Please understand. His goal is not to make you happy. His goal is to make you his. His goal is not to get you what you want; it is to get you what you need. And if that means a jolt or two to get you in your seat, then be jolted. Earthly discomfort is a glad swap for heavenly peace. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but be brave! I have defeated the world” (John 16:33).

Amazing, the lengths to which God will go to get our attention.

I can totally relate to these lines as if they were written for me.

God called me so many times. I responded at each call but I also turn my back afterwards.

I am the epitome of ningas-cogon–only starting but never finishing.

And all the truth I accumulated over time about Jesus were turned into bland common knowledge without the fruit of a changed life. It is such a waste to know Christ only in my head but never experience a life of blessing as He promised.

But He did not give up on me.

He has so many ways and means to get my attention.

His means to call me are sometimes loving–

A verse.
A quote.
Life testimonies.
Sweet sunset.
Blooming flower.

But mostly tough–

Broken relationship.

In the midst of my tug-of-war between being on-fire and cold Christian, He pursued my heart:

Stand up.
Fight for our relationship.
Don’t worry.
Trust me.

A call for action.
A nudge of love.
A command to obey.

So did I. And this time, I hope to finish the race.


8 thoughts on “The God Who Pursues

  1. “Please understand. His goal is not to make you happy. His goal is to make you his. His goal is not to get you what you want; it is to get you what you need.”–I couldn’t agree more with this. We want a lot of things we actually don’t need like superficial things that aren’t essential. Because we’re living in this superficial world that deludes us into thinking that these worldly stuff are all we need to be happy. But dwelling in the presence of the One who created us is what gives us real satisfaction. After all, God is all we need to be happy because all of these things will pass away but His word will never pass away.

    Thank you Jai for sharing this that serves as a reminder for me about what is really important. God bless.

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