Take me back to yesterday. I'd like to run and play.
Take me back to yesterday. I’d like to run and play.

Can I just scream right now?

Things are getting out of hand! Everyday I wake up to lack of cash, rants of people, payment demands, injustice on both ends, and judging eyes around my place. What’s worse is that I don’t know if my existence here adds any value to the company. All I want to do is pack my bags and go. Seriously. I want to leave the situation and run away. It seems like I am in a dream that gets pretty nasty and scary I want to wake up. I’d like to go search for a greener pasture and more comfortable place and never look back.

Can I do that? I certainly can.

But shall I? I would probably not.

I’d like to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

I put my trust in Him who certainly is in control right now, no matter how messy I see things to be. I don’t know what will happen next or where this would lead me. All I know is that the One who place me here is faithful. Good thing that His faithfulness in not dependent on my circumstances nor on my bible reading, prayer and devotion because I cannot keep up. His faithfulness is dependent on the riches of His grace. I am certain that He can get me out of this situation. Or He can help me get through it.

How about you? Are things getting out of hand in your life as well? Can you tell me something about it?


9 thoughts on “Scream! 

  1. hihihi…

    mahirap sabihing
    ‘kaya mo ‘yan!’
    dahil sating dalawa
    ikaw ang nandyan

    ngunit kung maari lang
    pawiin kahit kaunti
    ang iyong lumbay
    sana ako’y magpunyagi

    aakuin kahit mumunti
    sa pasan mong tila daigdig
    walang ibang masabi
    ngunit sana’y iyong marinig

    ako’y bubulong
    mahina ma’y may silbi
    ‘ang mundo’y hindi patas, alam mo ‘yan
    pero alam natin na kaya mo ‘yan’

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