White Smoke

It is supposedly a Good Night.
It is supposedly a Good Night.

The gates are locked. Jan made sure that the doors are properly locked. She was sleeping with her mother.

While Jan hugged her mom as they are sleeping, a man crept in.

The scent, the built and the man’s face is so familiar, Jan almost smiled upon seeing him.

So she faced the man.

He was Ron, her ex-boyfriend.

But how was he able to come in?

Ron lay beside her without saying a word.

A few seconds later, he started making advances.

A touch on the side.
Kisses on the neck.
Hard kiss on her lips.
He was forcing it.

Jan heard her heart pounding loudly. She is fighting hard but the man was so strong.

She lost hope.

As the moon shines brighter at night, Jan’s heart was torn.

Her dignity was tainted.

But she lifted her eyes and look into this man and said—I forgive you.

Then the man fades away like a dream.. Slowly.. Whitish smoke that fades with the wind.

Note: This is fiction. A meek attempt on short story.


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