3 Beliefs That I Should Start Believing–Again!

“God planned you to be here.”

Let that truth sink in. No matter what ways or means you’ve entered this place. No matter what reasons you have for coming here. No matter what plans you have prior to moving in this country. Whatever your intentions are. However ways you’ve been brought in this place. It is the Lord who brought you here.
It is the Lord who summoned you. Just as how the Lord brought the Israelites into exile to Babylon. It is the Lord who brought you here. Just as He allowed His people to be under the authority of another king. It is the Lord who allowed you to work in this place and be under the authority that causes you discomfort. You are here because He wants you here. Be here. Let your heart and mind be here. Stop wandering your thoughts around. Be grateful that despite your rebellion and disobedience, He has your best interest in mind. He loves you even in your darkest. God planned you to be here.

“God promised to bless you here.”

You are blessed already. Remember how smooth the process was from visa processing to your actual flight? Remember how you didn’t struggle on finances? Remember how the Lord provided on your needs? Remember how He shattered your heart just to make you His princess again? Remember the favor you have from one company to another? Remember how the company went beyond the norm just to get you a visa? Remember the word of the Lord that convinced your heart how this company and this place is His good, pleasing and perfect will? You are blessed. His ways and means are far greater and way higher than your expectations. Believe God for greater things. But always remember His miracles in your life and declare the Word that He provided when things get rough. For the Lord promised to bless you here.

“God has purposed to make me a blessing here.”

You will be a blessing–to this nation, to your family, to every one you meet. Remember how this is part of His promise when you moved here? The Lord knows how those truth are fading in your heart and He is recalling that truth again. You will be a blessing. Continue to pray for your company, for your boss, for this country. Lift them to God. All your prayers, pain, hurt, petition and thanksgiving. Utter them. Declare His Word. It is not your job to change people. It is your job to pray for them. You will be a blessing.

Jeremiah 29:4-7; 11

This is a reflection of the message in today’s church service. I always find it amusing how the Lord deals with the doubt and ramblings in my heart through His Word. ๐Ÿ™‚


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