Daily Post Day 1: Unlock The Mind

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Sitting at the server/pantry every lunch as I succumb into isolation. Thinking how can I ever change the world–er–myself. Creating a plan on how to use my time wisely but I end up binge-watching Korean dramas lately. There are so many ideas flowing in my mind on what to write. Oozing with details, examples, life stories. It consists of on going list that I can share in my blog. I had an outline but never been able to elaborate as of now. Have read “How To Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon this week and it stirred my creativity. That I do not have to worry about making an original craft nor to be wary if my mode of art sucks–they all do at first. What matters is to just keep doing it. Keep in doing what you love.

Spoken Word Poetry. I’ve been hooked since I first heard Juan Miguel Severo‘s famous piece. I watched him on one interview and he mentioned about Andrea Gibson. I searched about this person and never looked back. I love Andrea’s poetry. The way she write is captivating. Incredible writer and poet. Mind stirring. The way she play the words and connect it with my heart is so amazing. Then Sarah Kay popped up. She’s one of a kind. I binge-watch her poetry as well. Her eyes is glowing when performing. I love her wit, humor, and stories that she shares. I have been in awe of so many great poets out in the web that I never imagined existed before. In an instant I wanted to be one. I want to share stories that stirs up the mind. Stories of my own. Lay it down on paper just so it wont stick in my heart. Stories that connect. Stories that would speak right to my heart.

Blogging. Photography. SEO. I want to indulge in these things but never had the will to start in the first place.

Business. I’ve been meaning to put up one for the longest time. I wonder when it will ever be born.

As I am doing a recon on Cash this morning, my mind has been wandering away on how to be better. I have resources but how can I ever use it to my advantage.

I decided to start now. And I hope to finish the race strong. I want to be ready for 2017.

A friend started to open up once again. I’ve been waiting for this time ever since I felt that we are growing apart. I thought it won’t ever happen. But yesterday, we chatted. And we chatted like how we do before. It feels great to have this person back.

There are people in the past that I haven’t cut ties until now and yet I felt alone at times. They are there. A chat away. I guess this feeling of isolation have been a self made prison I created for myself. Haven’t found a support group yet. I’ve been asking God for one but for some reason, cannot find any group yet. Or maybe the Lord wants our time first. And I am enjoying it. Really. I enjoy it very much that I start to be comfortable at it. That sometimes being alone is the best thing that had ever happened to me.

But then I think of wanting to get married and bearing a child. I am not getting any younger and it is easy for these thoughts to creep in. But these thoughts are always being silenced by how good and perfect God is. He is able to provide for that when His perfect time comes.

I’m finding my way into the church. Not yet comfortable but I’m not giving up. I will show up whenever I’m needed and I will set aside this awkwardness. In the process I hope to find gems of friends that can be my stretcher-bearer. And together we will walk this faith believing God for His awesome promises. And serving Him at all cost.

This is in response to Daily Post, Writing 101: Developing A Blogging Habit wherein I could write anything that comes to mind. A quite long stream of consciousness, huh? The ideas have piled up. 🙂

How To Steal Like An Artist

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