Never Say Sorry For Setting Your Boundaries

Never say sorry for setting your boundaries

But I did
I said sorry
For setting a boundary
To protect my heart

Looking back in my past
I was reminded that it is okay
To say no
And wait further

As much as I want to go on
I choose to keep my feet on the ground
As much as my feelings are high and floating
I choose to pull back the strings of my heart

I want intimacy
And all its perks
The lovely endearing messages
And sweet admiration

But we have to sit down
And level things up
I know very well that he will ask
For my dear heart

But I said no, again
To an awesome man.
I want to take those words back
And welcome him in my arms

But I know
Deep within
I cannot give the commitment
He deserves

I am selfish
I shouldn’t have allowed
Emotional investment
In the first place

Now I have hurt
An honest guy
The friendship that I enjoyed
Should now end and die.


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