In The Midst, I Thought Of…

My thoughts are scattered like how the clouds are scattered in the sky.

In the midst of all the work that I should be doing, my mind is bursting with emotion and words that compels me to ink them to paper. Why does all these thoughts come when I’m in the midst of my work and all gone when I’m all alone at home?

I thought of HTS. Her smiles and how dramatic our encounter will be. That all the pain that we’ve caused each other were just all blown by the wind. It doesn’t matter at the feet of the cross.

I thought of MPK. Her enthusiasm. I was quickly downhearted thinking of her. I don’t know and I don’t understand why she is able to drop her God for things that won’t last. I’m not giving up. I would rally her in prayer.

I thought of my officemate’s 11 yrs old son, Gab. He was being possessed by evil spirit. I was filled with compassion for the child. And I quickly would want to pray over him.

I thought of another officemate and his wife. His wife was either being possessed or have mental illness.

Silver and gold have I none but what I have I want to give them–the power of Jesus Christ.

The song playing–Doxology–calls me to go where He would go. I will follow. My eyes would like to burst in tears as I listen and sing with the song. I can now sing it whole-heartedly. I know I will. I know I can. For He is with me.

I thought of MKV. On how God is chasing her through dreams. I hope she will come back to her first love.

I thought of MEN, on how I can tell her that Jesus loves her more than anyone else. I pray that she will accept Him as Lord and Savior.

I thought of JB, on how I can share to her the love everlasting that only comes from God.

I thought of my family–oh how I love them, and I lift them all to God. I know the blessings will flow not only to me but through them as well.

I am bursting with love, compassion, tears right now. Love, thank you. And cause me to act. Pray. Keep praying. Keep fighting a good fight of faith.

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