Readings And Encouragement

Seek the Lord and He will be found by you.

All my readings are encouraging me to:

Trust in you—the all-knowing God. You have been here even before I was. You know that this will happen to me. You have your plans and it is very far from my expectations.

Obey—hustle. Don’t give up. Keep trusting. Meditate on your word day and night. Pray. Focus on you and not on my circumstances. Be satisfied in your presence and our relationship. Sow the seeds. Do 121. Keep engaging. Participate in the harvest.

Wait in the Lord—wait with you. Wait in you. I am not alone in this waiting season. You are with me. My strength will rise as I wait on you, with you. Your power, promise and miracles will come through, you said. You are stirring things up. No signs nor evidence of good and perfect things but I don’t need one. You being you is more than enough.

Be patient—you have your own timing and I need to respect it. If you say one (1) year, it has to be one year. Your timeline is not my timeline. If you say go, I will go. If you say no, I will be still.

Have faith—in you. You have conquered death, healed the sick, turned water into wine, parted the sea, withheld rain and so many miracles. Pray. Declare your word. Demonstrate faith. You are not pleased by flowery words of prayer nor long hours of meditation nor ashes in my head nor weeping and crying eyes. You are pleased and moved by faith. Increase my level of faith for I want to please you, Love.


How about you? What are you reading lately? Has it been connecting to your heart and encouraging you to do something? Share it in the comments! 😀


20 thoughts on “Readings And Encouragement

  1. Me reading: The Demonologist – The Extraordinary Career of Ed + Lorraine Warren…

    I don’t intend to finish it though. Scares the shit out of me…


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