When Your Crush Smiles

Being in a new community, I can’t help but notice every guy that comes along. On my first few days here, I can’t help but make a quick mental scan on my non-negotiable and negotiable(s) and see how many check this guy gets.

This just goes on my first few days–err, weeks. Apparently, I need to remind myself to see men as brothers first–and not potential husbands–but sometimes, I am still fluttering. I can’t help but associate quick chats with thoughts of how this guy could be attracted to me. Women are emotional being and we can’t help but translate every man’s action into something like–maybe this guy likes me.

So I urge you–men–be very careful of us, women. 😀

Well, at least I get to compose a poem out of this feeling. Win, win?

Your smile brings
A cloud nine high
Rushing in my spine
Flashing in my eyes

Poor little lad
Your name written after mine
Small little talk
Walks me down the aisle
~ 201116 | jrlzn

Yes, it goes as far as walking down the aisle. Haha!


How about you? How do you feel when your “crush” is around?


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