#9 On 10 Things I Wish During Christmas

10. The celebration spirit that starts on “ber” months

9. Monito-Monita

In my previous company, we arrange for a weekly exchange gift every week. This practice is called Monito-Monita. It is usually done by putting our names into a box then each of us will pick one. The person that you pick will be your Monito/Monita and you are required to give him/her a gift as per the theme of the week. It may be something long; something spicy; something useful. The list goes on. The clever Monitos may give you something totally unrelated to the theme or just give you something to tease you. But nevertheless, it adds up to the fun and laughter.

Exchanging gifts is fun but choosing and buying stuff is not (at least for me). Specially during December–since it is year end, there are lots of requirements and things to do. Dropping by in the mall is a tedious effort. Not to mention the long queue and traffic that I would have to face. But I still do it. I still participate. Because I don’t want to be called a kill-joy want to participate in the harmony and camaraderie of the team.

Now, required Monito-Monita is one of the things I miss during Christmas. Maybe I haven’t adjusted to the culture here yet or I haven’t found a group that practices this stuff. But it doesn’t mean I can’t give gifts, right? At least now it won’t be compulsory nor out of peer pressure.

But still, going to the mall is not usually my thing. Would rather cuddle with my favorite blanket and pillows at home.

So, if you are my friend and you are reading this and is expecting a gift, can I just write you a poem? 🙂



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