#6 On 10 Things I Miss During Christmas

10. The celebration spirit that starts on “ber” months
9. Monito-Monita
8. Party here. Party there. Party everywhere.
7. Peppermint Mocha

6. Trade Stickers For A Plannerand the method I used to acquire it.

It happens every December since this collect-stickers-and-trade-them-for-planner-thing started. All my peers in the office will go (with me, of course) to this coffee shop–that you might have already guess what–and buy a coffee of their choice then give all their stickers to whomever doesn’t have a planner yet because all of them already got one.

Well, my colleagues usually finish collecting stickers on the first week of December but they’re not done drinking coffees yet. It has been a habit after payday (or is it every after lunch, thanks to their credit cards) to drink coffee as a team down below our office. Since I am not a fan of getting a planner because you need to collect 18 stickers that is roughly around 3,240 PHP–and-I-may-get-a-heart-attack-on-that–I happen to be the lucky recipient of those stickers. We are almost 16 in the team. So in almost one seating, I already have a planner. Just that quick. Isn’t it amazing?

Since I am a journal lover, I learn to love getting these planners. Why, they’re technically free. Haha! But I usually don’t write anything on it because I am too lazy it is sooo beautiful.

Some of my peers get more than one planner. Some they keep to themselves; some they give as a gift. We often laugh at the idea of keeping two planners because you should only plan your life once a year, right?

You may think, you can get a planner this Christmas. There are so many beautiful one available in the market. Oh well, aside from Peppermint Mocha, they don’t offer this trade-stickers-for-planner-thing here. It is only popular in the Philippines.

However, more than getting a planner, it is the experience I get in acquiring that planner that I cherish and long most. That generosity they possess in giving me their stickers worth 180 pesos each. And that friendship we’ve shared because of that short trip in the coffee shop every after lunch.

Oh, and that planner in the photo, it is my favorite so far. Because it is the only planner I have in this place more than a journal than a planner. It is not bulky and it has more blank pages than calendar grids. I don’t really keep a planner but I do write my thoughts in paper. Keeping a journal is a thing for me. Plus, it is green! I love anything green except on the clothes I put on.

And also, it is given by a friend. An unexpected gift from a not-so-really-into-giving-gifts-but-love-to-receive-one kind of friend. I didn’t really thought she’ll give it to me until she hand it over personally. I thought she’s bluffing.

And guess what, I haven’t finished the blank pages yet. I don’t mind using it this 2017 until I finish all the blank pages. Haha!

So how about you? Are you done collecting stickers? Or do you keep a journal and pen your thoughts? 😀


10 thoughts on “#6 On 10 Things I Miss During Christmas

  1. Ganun talaga siguro pag bloggers, we love keeping journals and because a blog is an online journal as well. I also have planner and I am old school pag dating sa pagsusulat. I prefer writing with a pen and a paper pa rin. BTW, napakagenerous ng mga friends mo. You’re blessed. 😉


    • Yup. It’s a must for us to have pen and paper. 😀 Minsan sa tissue paper nalang pag walang papel. But recently lagi na kong may dalang notebook kahit yung light lang to jot down random thoughts. Nawawala kasi pag tissue. ahaha

      I agree, I am blessed with beautiful and generous friends. I can’t thank God enough for their awesome heart and generosity.

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  2. […] 10. The celebration spirit that starts on “ber” months 9. Monito-Monita 8. Party here. Party there. Party everywhere. 7. Peppermint Mocha 6. Trade Stickers For A Planner–and the method I used to acquire it. […]


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