#4 On 10 Things I Miss During Christmas

10. The celebration spirit that starts on “ber” months
9. Monito-Monita
8. Party here. Party there. Party everywhere.
7. Peppermint Mocha
6. Trade Stickers For A Planner–and the method I used to acquire it.
5. Long vacation means laid-back life at the province.

4. 13th Month Pay, Christmas Bonus, Humongous Tax!


13th month pay is a required benefit in the Philippines. Companies ought to give their employees equivalent to one month salary. It is usually paid out every December 15 or earlier in anticipation of Christmas celebration. Some companies do give Christmas Bonus on top of 13th month pay or they give Christmas Basket which includes goodies that you usually enjoy during Christmas like ham, wine, queso de bola, spam, pasta, pasta sauce and chocolates.

Rendering overtime, specially in a busy season like year-end will sure give you a significant jump in your paycheck. But what comes along with huge paycheck is humongous tax, equivalent to almost half of your salary.

We don’t get 13th month pay in this country. But we don’t have taxes either.

Extra cash will sure give you excitement. But if you don’t plan and ask for wisdom from God on what to do with the money, it will disappear in the air like a bubble.

It happens to me every Christmas. I get huge cash. I list all the people I need to give gifts to. And before I know it, the extra cash was already gone. 

But I miss it still. I miss receiving huge bonuses even if it will be gone too fast. Haha! 

How about you? What do you do with your bonuses, if you get to receive one? 


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