#1 On 10 Things I Miss During Christmas

10. The celebration spirit that starts on “ber” months
9. Monito-Monita
8. Party here. Party there. Party everywhere.
7. Peppermint Mocha
6. Trade Stickers For A Planner–and the method I used to acquire it.
5. Long vacation means laid-back life at the province.
4. 13th Month Pay, Christmas Bonus, Humongous Tax!
3. Noche Buena
2. You!

1. Family



Insert melodramatic song

This is my second Christmas away from home. Though I have found a family here where I get to spend Christmas for two years now, nothing beats Christmas with your family.

I still remember what usually happens on the day before Christmas.

I wake up around 8 am. Mama is in the kitchen setting the table preparing the most sumptuous egg and rice for breakfast. It is accompanied by the most aromatic coffee I get to enjoy. She will summon us twice or thrice so we can eat together.

 “Bebekoh..kain na tayo..”

My father is outside cleaning his car. Making sure that there’s not a single dust on the surface, vacuuming the car floor, dusting off the seats and washing the seat covers. We cannot make him stop until we plead and remind him that food is not good when cold and we want to eat breakfast together. He willingly obliged.

“Pa!!! Lalamig yung pagkain..”

After eating, I will wash the dishes. Then I’ll help my mother clean up the house. I’ll sweep the floor, wipe the window, change the curtain and throw pillow covers.

Then we will help Papa prepare the food for Noche Buena. I just usually prepare the ingredients like onion, garlic, and vegetables. Papa will do all the magic. Our usual menu are spaghetti (for the kids and kids-at-heart), patatim, kare-kare, and igado. Then Mama will make her very own fruit salad. I eat all the fruits except pineapple. 😀

At night, my sister and her family will join us. My nephews will start gate crashing my room and pick anything they set their eyes upon.

At midnight, before devouring the food, Mama will lead us into prayer, thanking God for His birth that leads to death on the cross for our salvation. She will then thank God for the food. Then the feast begins.


Merry Christmas, everyone! What did you have for Noche Buena?


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