~ Kymberlhee ~

Knee-bending trials may come

Your heart is anchored in His unfailing love

Mesmerized by His grace

Believe in His promises

Echo your faith in the cave.

Resounding beauty you possess

Loving. Giving. Captivating.

Heart full of joy despite the pain

Escape in the healing of the Almighty

Engulf in His satisfying embrace.

Last Christmas, I made an acrostic poem for the members of our ministry team and small group because I don’t have enough resources to spend on gifts I want to give them something personal and close to my heart.

I rehearsed a short speech prior to giving these pieces of board paper with a hand written acrostic but as I start to speak, I stutter. So I just say my greetings, hand it over and moved on. I don’t know if they even noticed that the poems spelled their names.

The poem attempted to describe a bit of how I see them personally and give words of affirmation and encouragement. I pray that the words written in it would build them up. I hope that they enjoy reading the poem as much as I enjoy writing them.

So in this post and the next coming ones, I’ll be sharing the poems. However, I only get to take a photo of Kym’s.  😀



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