Two Dreams, Different Ending

You are sitting at the edge
Of my discreet life
Watching closely
Staring blankly

Waiting to be noticed
Asking silently for my heart
And give you back some love
Or at least a hope to have

Your face pale
Downcast and gloomy heart
Bones broken by pain
Hopeless and shattered

Not knowing what to do
I prayed, hard
I asked God for strength
I asked Him to comfort you

Whenever your face enters my mind
I murmured a petition to God
He is your strong tower
He is your stronghold

Last night was a dream
Again I had
You are there
With luggage in hand

Wanting again to be noticed
Maybe asking once more
For a love to be returned
And hope to be given out

But something has changed
You are wearing a smile
Painted all around your face
Strong hope anchored in His grace

You have a cloak of confidence
Wearing loud and proud
Confident not on your own abilities
But upon His love

Your bones still broken yet healed
Heart shattered yet filled
Pain worn in your head like a crown
A testimony of His mercy that abounds

I then realized why you were there
Not really wanting my heart
But letting me know you are okay
That you can go on now

I woke up from my first dream
Worried and sappy
Glad to have woken up from my second one
Grateful and happy

I waved you goodbye
I tucked prayers in your heart
I bless you with His love
I thank God for your life.



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