Happy Anniversary!

Let’s celebrate milestones, shall we?

Happy 4th Anniversary!!

I can’t believe that it has been four years since I started blogging.

This platform has been my sounding board for I am not as vulnerable to my other social media account than here. Since I can write better poems when in pain, I pen all my hurt in a poem so it won’t linger in my heart. So if you’ve been following my blog for the past two years, thank you for sticking around, specially on my dark-bitter poems, rants, and whatnot.

But now that I have received freedom through Christ, expect a more positive write-up that would hopefully bring encouragement to our weary hearts.

Surprisingly, I’ve gained new friends and support system here in WP.

I met a blogger for the first time and I’m-oh-so glad I did! I didn’t expect us to be so connected. I thought our meet-up would be awkward but to my surprise, it was so awesome and fun. She’s one of the people I love to hang out and pick brains with. We don’t mind trolling each other’s post in WP and IG. I love her humor and style of writing. I’m really glad we became friends. Itatago ko nalang siya sa pangalang: Aysabaw.

Aysabaw is a hotelier by day, blogger by night and a Rock Star in between. She is serving hot soup of awesomeness here: Aysabaw.com

I also became part of an online group of Single Bloggers that as soon as you join, they will encourage you to get out of the group. 😀 Philippine Single Association (PSA) has been my support system specially when I was confused and downcast. I haven’t met them yet but whenever we connect on FB,  we feel like a family for we build each other up. It helped that most of us are Christians because we are constantly asking and receiving prayers from each other.

Free e-Book, anyone? Download here: The Book of Single (Free eBook).

I offer my warmest gratitude to all my fellow bloggers who have been liking and reading my posts and also to my close friends who are supporting silently by “keeping an eye” on my posts.

Cheers to more creativity! See you around! 😊😊





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