House Iced Tea.
Max’s Fried Chicken.
Pinaputok na Bangus.
Sizzling Tofu.
Ube Cake.
Buko Pandan.
All in one sitting.
With 7 beautiful souls.
Cravings satisfied.
Homesickness kicking in.
Gusto ko maiyak sa saya.
Gustong pumutok ng pants ko sa busog.
Namiss ko na naman ang Pinas.
Api bertdey Ate Meling!!



11 thoughts on “Max

  1. Max Chicken franchises should promote other Filipino foods here in the US. Sadly, Roast chicken from Costco tastes better than Max’s, ( and so much cheaper . Mang Inasal should establish franchises here . Their barbecued and roasted chicken are superior to Max’s.

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    • Awww.. It’s sad that sometimes the food from franchises doesn’t taste the way the should. And yes, some local food store taste better than ours. But when homesickness kicks in me, anything tastes fine. Haha! πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚


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